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Blockchain Education Review

Blockchain Education is a Cryptocurrency trading service and educational programme which they devote to teaching you how to trade Cryptocurrency. Here at BRG we have been a member at Blockchain Education since the very beginning and we highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in trading Cryptocurrency.

Blockchain Education – real time calls and auto trading

Get real-time calls for Cryptocurrency trades from professionals who have a proven track record. 24/7 technical analysis. There is always someone available via their chat system to advise you on your trades. Ask questions and discuss via their active chat system where you can meet similar people interested in making a profit from cryptocurrencies (who isn’t?) as well as ask questions to their helpful community. Watch their training programme which has over 100 hours of videos to teach you what to look for when trading. BRG is a big fan of Blockchain Education.

Their most recent addition is auto trading which has really taken things to the next level. Using your Binance API you can get automatically entered into their calls. You set your desired % profit you are looking for and the trade will be automatically sell at this %.

In just over one year and six months, they have done over 2700 live calls. They now have over 5 successful traders available making calls and are available to you to help you learn to trade for yourself.

They even have a practice exchange which is great for learning purposes where you can trade but not risk any money. If you are new to trading we suggest you always start with the practice mode.

They give you the tools you need to be a successful trader or alternatively they give you a passive income through their auto trading.
Best thing about Blockchain Education: Best thing is the calls system. They give you calls from professional traders which have a very impressive proven track record.

Worse thing about Blockchain Education: Due to the high price this service is not for those on a small budget.